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Pay Equity with AccelPro Employment Law

Interviews on Pay Transparency Laws and Addressing Discrimination

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Dear AccelPro Employment Law Community,

In anticipation of tomorrow’s interview with Jessica Stender, Policy Director and Deputy Legal Director at Equal Rights Advocates, we are highlighting other AccelPro podcast interviews that focus on pay equity issues. Salary history bans, pay transparency and diversity at the executive level can all help to reverse decades of pay discrimination.

The clip above, from an AccelPro live event, features Jessica speaking about her grandmother’s fight for gender equality.

  • On Pay Transparency with Maria Papasevastos, Labor & Employment Partner at Seyfarth

  • The recording of a live event on Pay Discrimination, also with Jessica Stender at Equal Rights Advocates

  • As a bonus, we are highlighting an interview on Title VII and Protected Classes, with Hnin Khaing, former Director of the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights

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The AccelPro Employment Law Team